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AdBlue® Urea solution (AUS 32) (5 liter) -

AdBlue® Urea solution (AUS 32) (5 liter)
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for use in suitable diesel engines reduces pollutants by up to 90 weather resistant

Application areas



  • 0062-5.0


    Physical form at room temperature : liquid
    Scope : chemical-technical
    Color : colorless

    Hazardous material labeling

    For the use of diesel vehicles with SCR technology Application AdBlue® helps to reduce... more
    Product information "AdBlue® Urea solution (AUS 32) (5 liter)"

    For the use of diesel vehicles with SCR technology


    AdBlue® helps to reduce pollutant emissions in automobiles. This is done by SCR technology. With the help of the latest catalysts developed for diesel engines, also called SCR catalysts, nitrogen oxides can be converted into harmless water vapor and nitrogen. This is achieved by means of the urea solution AdBlue®, which is dosed into the catalytic converters and thus sets the chemical process in motion. This reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides by up to 90 %, enabling compliance with the Euro 6 emissions standard. 

    AdBlue® can withstand all weather conditions within Europe and can therefore be used without any problems. At temperatures below -11 °C, the product freezes. It is therefore essential to use heated AdBlue® pumps in the Nordic and colder countries. Some SCR trucks have special heating systems, which allow the operation of the SCR system, even at colder temperatures.

    Application areas of the product are vehicles powered by diesel engines: Cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles such as tractors.



    Wash hands and other exposed body parts with mild soap and water before eating, drinking or smoking and when leaving the workplace.  Provide process area with good ventilation to prevent formation of vapors. 

    Hazard statements

    No labeling required.

    Safety information

    No labeling required.

    Further Information

    Should only be used in vehicles with diesel engines and SCR technology in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for use. It is imperative to avoid filling AdBlue® directly into the diesel tank, as this will cause severe engine damage. The tank intended for this purpose is marked. Since AdBlue® is not produced from recyclable agricultural products, it is important that there is always enough AdBlue® in the tank.

    Even if AdBlue® freezes, the product is not damaged and can be reused after thawing.


    Store only in the original container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep container closed when not in use. Avoid direct sunlight.

    Storage of AdBlue® proves to be very simple as it can be stored at room temperature. Ideally, the storage temperature should be around 25 °C. At temperatures below minus 11 °C, AdBlue® crystallizes. Depending on the storage location, the product has a shelf life of approx. 18 - 36 months. AdBlue® is not a hazardous material and is classified in the lowest water hazard class 1.

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